Gold Star Cushions

Welcome to Gold Star Cushions

Cushions can and should be a point of interest that gives a lift to all your interiors. Cushions can be used sparingly in a minimalist theme, or cushions can be exuberantly in a opulent style that breathes luxury and comfort even a flare that touches on decadence can be simply achieved by use of cushions.

Cushions are where we can be individual; A cushion can be that wonderful touch of understated elegance luxurious quality eclectic eccentric bold comfy amusing and a combination of all those things.

We believe that our role is to help you find the finishing touches, with our cushions, to complete the interior design scheme you have in mind. All our cushions are unique designs adding classic comfort to any room or sofa.

Dress your room with a contemporary display of cushion textures. our cushions will bring a style of contemporary, formal, elegance glamour or class to any room. Refresh a room in a instant by adding cushions in rich colours and textures.

Made to Measure Cushions

Tailor made cushions to suit your specific requirements, where you choose or supply the fabric of your cushions, choose the size and style of the cushions you want, and with our experts input we will create your perfect cushion. Any size, style or design is possible at a affordable price, please feel free to contact me with any request.

We accept payment using the following:

Credit & Debit Cards